Layoff Process Underway for Conoco Phillips

ConocoPhillips announced layoffs worldwide on September 1, saying that about 10 percent of the global workforce would be laid off. A company spokesperson in Bartlesville confirmed that layoffs began right after the announcement and when every thing is said and done, approximately 10 percent, or 170, Bartlesville employees will will be laid off.

Toshiba looking to layoff workers

Toshiba is thinking about laying people off in underperforming sectors and focusing more on lucrative operations, the company’s CEO said on Thursday.

According to a Reuters report, people might lose their jobs in the home appliances, TV and PC businesses. At the same time, Toshiba is looking for a partner for its nuclear operations.

The goal is to overhaul the company, after the $1.3 billion (£860m) accounting scandal.

Ceridian to lay off 101 in Florida

Ceridian has notified the state of Florida that it plans to sell its COBRA business to California-based WageWorks Inc. and will reduce support staff in Pinellas County.

Ceridian filed a worker adjustment and retraining notification — or WARN — with the state of Florida for 101 employees in St. Petersburg, a permanent layoff notice. Affected employees are at Ceridian’s office at 3201 34th St. S in St. Petersburg, according to the letter sent to the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity.

Mitsubishi Motors Closing its Only US Factory and layoff hundreds

Japan’s Mitsubishi Motors is preparing for the closure of its sole US factory and will lay off 900 workers after failing to find a buyer for the high-cost auto plant.

The report comes from the Nikkei business daily on Saturday, but gives no sources. The paper further reported that Mitsubishi will notify the 900 US workers at the end of this month.

Nippon Sharyo announces layoff of 160 employees

Nippon Sharyo, a train manufacturer, announced to its employees at its factory in Rochelle on Sept. 23 that 60 workers will be temporarily laid off from its final assembly shop on Nov. 30. The layoffs follow an announcement by the company on Sept. 3 that 100 employees would be laid off, bringing the total amount of workers laid off to 160.